Subaru Badges

Subaru Badges

If you’re the proud owner of a Subaru, you can add Subaru badges to your car with custom designs. These badges have an adhesive backing and will adhere to any metal surface. You can also add a custom logo that is a representation of your lifestyle. You can even customize the size and color of your badge.

Customizable lifestyle icons

Subaru owners can now choose from a variety of Lifestyle Icons for their Subaru. These icons can range from simple ideas like “love” to family scenes or representations of meditation. The icons can be placed on the Subaru Badge of Ownership, as well as any other metal surface. Customers can even submit suggestions for icons that are not yet available.

The Lifestyle Icons are available for the 2011 and 2012 models. You can choose one or more of the icons that reflect your interests and personality. Each icon represents a different aspect of the Subaru lifestyle, including family, environment, golf, marathon, education, and more. It’s a great way to show your personality and interests.

The Badge of Ownership is another way to show off your Subaru pride. It’s free and will display your Subaru ownership history. The badge can also feature an icon for the things you love, such as hiking or camping.

Number of Subarus owned

One way to show off your Subaru pride is to display one of the numerous specialty badges available for purchase. These badges are designed to represent your passions, talents, or lifestyle. There are badges for everyone from environmental activists to those who love animals and their people. These badges can also be personalized with your name, so you can show off your personality with the perfect badge.

The number of badges owned by a Subaru owner is a personal statement of pride and love for their vehicle. It shows their dedication and passion for their Subaru and their favorite things to do. It’s a great way to show off to other Subaru owners who share the same passions. The number of badges a Subaru owner owns is also an indicator of how many vehicles they own.

Color of logo

The Subaru logo uses a dark blue color for the background of its logo. The blue color represents the sky and sea. According to legend, stars reflecting in water are symbolic of achieving your goals. This color is used in both the logo and the emblem of the Subaru car company. The logo also uses a bold sans-serif font and has square elements.

Since the first Subaru logo was introduced in 1966, the company’s logo has undergone several changes. In the early 1980s, the Subaru logo resembled a constellation with four celestial bodies. The star in the middle was changed to look like it was shining, while the star on the bottom became a gradient gray. This logo is still a common sight on Subaru hoods and in marketing assets today. The color of the stars and the oval shape were also redesigned and updated.

The Subaru logo is a stylized representation of the Seven Sisters constellation. In the constellation, there are six stars – six are visible, one is hidden. The seven stars on the logo symbolize the company’s founders, five of whom were Japanese and one was Australian. The stars in the logo also symbolize the company’s global unity and are the most important symbols.

Size of badge

If you’re planning on getting a new Subaru, you may be wondering what size Subaru badge to buy. While the WRX badge is larger than the Forester 14XT badge, the standard Subaru badge is still smaller than the Impreza badge. This is because the Subaru badge is a 3d design with no border around it.

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