Road Trip Essentials – Must-Have Accessories for a Memorable Journey

Road Trip Essentials – Must-Have Accessories for a Memorable Journey

Road trip essentials will make any road journey more enjoyable, from gear and food prep items to comfort necessities and fun activities for all on board. From boondocking along your route or camping out at your final destination a few towns over, these items will ensure a stress-free journey.

1. Refillable Sanitizer Wristband

Refillable sanitizer wristbands are the latest travel must-have, enabling travelers to stay hydrated while cutting waste by eliminating single-use water bottles. Plus, it’s great for parents traveling with young children who might require quick hand washes during stops at gas stations or unusual attractions along the roadside.

Travel towels made of microfiber material are essential companions on road trips, whether camping or staying at hotels and Airbnbs. Not only are these compact yet absorbent and quick-drying, they can double up as beach or picnic blankets!

As part of your road trip essentials, an external battery pack like this Anker model will come in handy to keep your phone, smartwatch, earbuds and other devices fully charged while driving or relaxing lakeside. In addition, it’s great for charging portable speakers or electronic cameras – and could even help jumpstart your car if need be! To stay even safer on your adventure add in first aid supplies and spare tires as essential items of equipment in the vehicle.

2. Camera Stabilizer

Stabilization is essential when taking photos for any creative purpose; whether that be video blogging or amateur photography. Without stabilization, images could appear shaky or as though you dropped the camera unknowingly while shooting them.

As there are a variety of easy-to-use stabilizers for any filmmaking task, from handheld stabilizers and 3-axis gimbals to vest stabilizer systems, there’s bound to be one suitable for your budget and filmmaking style.

As you evaluate your options, speak with other filmmakers about their experiences with different products. Their insights may help narrow your search for an optimal stabilizer to keep costs to a minimum and focus on enjoying your journey!

3. Travel Pillow

Travel pillows that feature thick padding help prevent your head from tilting to one side while you slumber, particularly helpful if you are stuck in the middle seat, according to travel writer Teddy Minford. His personal favorite: an inflatable golf club created as an aid so he could lean against it instead of accidentally dozing off against someone next to me or the headrest.

Our top pick from Cabeau features dual-density memory foam for soft yet supportive cushioning, as well as an additional high wall around its collar that keeps your head upright in an ergonomic position.

Feather-filled pillows offer unparalleled softness, but when exposed to sweat they may emit foul odors and may not be as flexible. An inflatable pillow made of hard yet flexible plastic may offer better support for your neck and head.

4. Travel Blanket

Travel blankets add extra warmth and comfort on long flights or road trips, unfolding to become plush pillows that provide ample restful rest during long travel periods. Plus, with its built-in luggage sleeve and backpack clip attachment points, they’re easy to attach directly to travel bags for easy transport – plus machine-washable care makes post-trip cleaning simpler than ever!

Pavilia Fleece Travel Blanket provides a lightweight yet cozy blanket to travel with. Made of silky-soft material and featuring dual zippers that can unzip to create a hooded wrap or pillow form, its 37.5 thermoregulating technology personalizes climate control to keep you cool when hot or warm when cold.

Rather than carrying around separate travel blanket and pillow, Cabeau has designed this lightweight set with everything you need in one convenient case – a blanket, neck pillow and eye mask! Plus it’s light enough to easily fit in your suitcase without taking up too much room!

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