Genesis X Convertible Revealed

Genesis X Convertible Revealed

Whether you’re looking for a new car to drive around the city or a car to cruise the roads of your favorite vacation destinations, the Genesis X Convertible is a great option. It features a comfortable interior and a powerful powertrain. The exterior design is also quite attractive, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a car to get around in style.


During the LA Auto Show on Tuesday, Genesis announced its upcoming X Convertible. The company has a long history of experimenting with the convertible genre, but this incarnation is a little more upscale than your grandpa’s ’60s era convertible. The design takes the X Concept’s fixed-roof coupe and adds a slew of goodies to the mix.

While the X Convertible isn’t a production car yet, it does share a similar powertrain and architecture with the X Concept. And it’s got a funky looking ducktail spoiler on the trunk lid. It’s also got a cool looking hood.

The X Convertible isn’t the first car to come out with an ornately designed electric motor, but it is the first one to take advantage of Hyundai’s new EV portfolio. As such, it’s not surprising that the company is showing off its new EV portfolio with a flashy concept. It’s also impressive that the company is using open air to show off its new creation.

Exterior design

During the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, Genesis unveiled its new X Convertible Concept. The X Convertible is part of a series of X Concept cars, and is designed as an electric vehicle. The concept features a folding hardtop roof to create an open feel when the roof is closed. It is part of the company’s “athletic elegance” design language.

The Genesis X Convertible Concept is the third car in Genesis’ X Concept line of cars. It follows the X Concept from 2021 and the X Speedium Coupe from 2022.

The Genesis X Convertible features a unique electric design theme. It has seating for four. It also features sustainable materials. It is also designed as an electric vehicle, and uses an all-electric powertrain. Its exterior design also features a long bonnet and short front overhang. It has a V-shaped indentation in the tailgate, which reflects the iconic Genesis logo.

The Genesis X Convertible also features a concave elliptical duck tail and horizontal quad rear lights. Its alloy wheels feature a G-Matrix pattern. The wheels also have a concave section that improves airflow.


During an event held before the 2022 Los Angeles auto show, Genesis unveiled its X Convertible concept. This is the third electric vehicle concept from the Korean luxury car maker. The X Convertible is an electric four-seater with a two-plus two cabin, a full sized trunk and an electric powertrain. The concept is part of the brand’s Inspired by X line.

The X Convertible is the logical progression from the X Speedium coupe, the X Concept’s convertible sibling. The X Speedium coupe featured a racy roofline, a new lighting signature and a longer hood. The X Convertible on the other hand features a more modest front overhang, a small rear overhang and a rearward slope to the surfacing.

The Genesis X Convertible Concept is not the first drop-top EV on the market, but it does stand out from the crowd. Its most pronounced wheel arches and a ducktail spoiler effect on the trunk lid evoke the best parts of the X Speedium coupe and the upcoming G80.

Audio system

During the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, Genesis revealed its X Convertible Concept. It is a two-plus-two electric drop-top that sits four passengers. It shares architecture with the 2021 Genesis X Concept and the 2022 X Speedium Coupe concept. Its all-electric powertrain and design are similar to those of the Genesis X Concept and the X Speedium Coupe.

The Genesis X Convertible Concept is a four-seater in the vein of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet. Its graphic identity integrates a new EV face. The front and rear fenders are extended backward, forming a distinctive grille. A rear spoiler is also featured on the decklid, with a thin LED light.

The interior features a high-grade leather seating surface and recycled wool fabric. The center armrest is covered in recyclable wool fabric. The door handles are adorned with a membrane-type diffuser to keep the interior refreshing.

The Genesis X Convertible concept car also features a V-shaped indentation in the rear end. This design element hints at the wings and crest of the Genesis logo.

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