Bike Modifications

Bike Modifications

Before you make any modifications to your bike, you should tell your insurer. Failure to disclose the changes can result in your insurer rejecting your claims. Some insurance companies are more flexible than others when it comes to covering these modifications. They are more likely to offer a lower premium if you disclose them up front. You should also ask your insurer about the additional costs associated with making modifications to your bike.

You can’t make heavy-duty modifications to your bike without the permission of the RTO. However, you can make cosmetic changes such as modifying the color of your bike. Changing the engine or removing the exhaust is also allowed within the RTO’s guidelines, though you must make sure the old and new engine run on the same fuel. Modifying the colour of your bike is also permitted, but it is best to seek permission first before making any modifications.

Another popular modification is adding fancy lights to your bike. These can make your bike look great, but they can also cause annoyance to other drivers and riders. In addition, if you fail to follow the guidelines for number plates, you could face hefty fines. To avoid these problems, it is best to contact a professional who is experienced in bike modifications.

Mirrors are another important accessory to install on your bike. Mirrors are a legal requirement for motorcycles. For this purpose, you can install a CRG Hindsight or Blindsight Bar End Mirror that attaches to the clutch or brake/throttle side bar. You can choose either a 2-inch or a 3-inch mirror to ensure proper visibility.

Another type of bike modification is the addition of an e-bike battery mount. Traditionally, the battery of an e-bike is mounted on a rack over the rear tire. If you need to carry heavy batteries, you should install a rear rack battery mount. This will shift the weight of the battery toward the center of the bike.

Another great bike modification is to install LED lights. LED lights provide a better visibility at night. They can even be installed on a bike with halogen lights. The installation process is easy and most glow kits come ready-to-use. In addition to providing better visibility, motorcycle LED light kits can make your bike look unique.

Whether you want to make a bike look sporty or hide a clunky exhaust pipe, there are many different ways to customize your motorcycle. You can also add split seats to make your bike look sportier. A seat repair shop should be able to help you with these modifications. You can also install an air filter on your bike. This device is important because it keeps dirt particles out of the engine. This will improve airflow and increase performance.

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